The activity tracker for people over 50 that monitors your temperature and warns you if you have a fever!

If you've decided to start getting in shape or just want to start taking more control of your health, it may be time to buy an activity tracker. It's becoming more and more common and useful in our daily lives to use a smart band. We use them to keep track of our daily exercise, count our steps, or measure how many hours we sleep.

Why have these bands become so trendy among the 40-plus age group? It is scientifically proven that from the age of 40, a transition begins. Because of this, we need to pay more attention to our habits and adapt our lifestyle to our physical condition.

When you reach this age, you gain weight more easily, you become more sedentary, you sleep less hours, and there tends to be more heart-related problems. For this reason, activity trackers help us, among many other things, to monitor our exercise progress accurately, as well as to monitor our sleep, count the steps we take throughout the day, and measure our heart rate.

The first activity tracker that monitors body temperature.

Michael Smith, CEO and co-founder of an American multinational company that pioneered the creation of technological devices focused on exercise and health, issued a statement a few months ago in which he explained that his company had increased its commitment to people's health now more than ever. "It is our mission to continue innovating, to help our millions of users get organized, and stay healthy.” Three months later, the new generation of activity trackers has launched under the name Extreme Band Track.

This revolutionary bracelet, besides providing us with a great number of advantages when exercising or monitoring our sleep, is a real innovation. It is the first to be able to measure our body temperature to warn us if we have a fever at any given time.

Although many people think that this type of device is only for people who are in the world of fitness, that is not the case.

The activity tracker created with everyone in mind, from fitness fanatics to the Average Joe.

Exercising or going for a walk? The Extreme Band Track design makes it the ideal activity tracker for any kind of exercise as well as for those who do less physical activity. It is perfect for going out for a walk, going to the gym, or simply wanting to keep an eye on your health, sleep schedule, steps taken, etc.

Extreme Band Track combines everything in one device! It combines the benefits of an activity tracker, a digital watch, and a health monitor. Made from the best materials, its touch screen with tempered glass won’t scratch or break even if you try.

Extreme Band Track looks after your health!

The Extreme Band Track activity tracker takes body temperature, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring... It has all the features you would expect from some of the best smartwatches on the market!

With Extreme Band Track you will be able to measure your heartbeat per minute while you are exercising or running. It even provides graphs with the pulses and results of your heartbeat.

What else can Extreme Band Track do for you?

In addition to all the features that give us real time health information, Extreme Band Track has much more to offer! With it you can set a daily step goal, see calories burned, or activate inactivity alarms that will warn us to take steps if we are standing still for too long.

That’s not all! We can monitor our weight through the application which is 100% compatible with Android and iOS. And finally, this activity tracker includes an alarm clock, a heart rate monitor, and notification of both calls and messages through Bluetooth technology and much more.

All these advantages prove why Extreme Band Track has been the best option for over 100,000 users who already use it not only for exercise but also for health monitoring on a daily basis.

How can the Extreme Band Track activity tracker may change your life?

The current situation in which we find ourselves, has led the creators of Extreme Band Track to prioritize the registration of symptoms that may indicate that a person has a fever. The latest version of the application allows you to take your body temperature thanks to the heart sensor included on the back of the activity tracker.

Furthermore, given that 18 million people die a year from cardiovascular diseases, another of the Extreme Band Track strengths is the real time monitoring it provides you with for your heart. You will be able to know if something is wrong right away and before it is too late.

These features are the reason Extreme Band Track has seen so much success in men and women over 40, who according to various studies, are at higher risk of suffering from some type of cardiovascular disease.

The best option on the market!

Main Advantages!

  1. The first activity tracker capable of taking body temperature to warn if you have a fever at any given time. Monitors heart rate and blood pressure.
  2. Step counter. Set goals, achieve them, and lose weight fast. Analyze the quality of your sleep. Sleep monitoring is over 95% accurate.
  3. Calorie control: Incredibly useful if you are trying to lose, maintain, or even gain weight. Sedentary warning: Indicates when to sit less and move more.
  4. Notification of both calls and messages through Bluetooth technology.
    Updated application: All health details visible in the application.

How can you buy it in United States?

You can place your order online through the official website in United States to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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